How Do I Strike the Balance Between Confidence and Arrogance?

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Answer by Will Wister, a fund manager and health enthusiast, on Quora

  1. Arrogance is not something you should strive for – even partially. It stems from insecurity and lack of effective feedback. Arrogance attracts weak people and you want to attract strong people with whom you can interact in a healthy way.
  2. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Trying to become some ideal mix of confident and arrogant will take your mind away from the present. That means you won’t be at your best in responding to situations as they come up. Your interactions will become more awkward as a result.
  3. Confidence is important. Strength attracts strength. If you’re not confident, you’ll tend to attract people who are weak – which can feel burdensome. Alternatively you can attract egotistical people which can make you feel small.
  4. Accept who you are as a person. You’re not perfect. You didn’t…

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